All about mosquito bites

It does not stop with the itching


Wht you need to know about mosquito bites. (Photo Credits)

Mosquito bites are not just itchy they can also be dangerous.

The good news however is that it can be prevented.

The website All You for instance shared home remedies to prevent and at the same time soothe the skin following mosquito bites.

“Break out the soap and water. Washing the affected area will definitely help relieve some of the irritation, since washing removes any trace of the mosquito saliva that causes itchiness. If you happen to have soap that contains oatmeal or aloe, try rubbing the soap on the bite to reduce the urge to scratch.

Read the rest of the tips here.

Small but terrible

Tip Hero meantime published an article advising its readers on what to do after being bitten by mosquitoes. Pest Control 

“So even after all of your preparation in trying to keep the bugs at bay, you’ve been defeated by a, or several, persistent bug(s). What now? You know you’re not supposed to scratch those bites as you know that could result in a pretty nasty infection. But how on earth do you soothe that terrible itching?

Read it here. for its part shared ways on how to keep yourself from getting bitten by pesky mosquitoes. Pest Control Poway

“It’s backyard barbecue season—but you’re not the only one planning a feast. The mosquitoes are out and ready to chow down. But before you fill another shopping bag with citronella candles, it’s important to understand your adversary.”

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So what do you do to prevent mosquito bites?

Signs of Mice Infestation

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Signs of Mice Infestation

Is it time to get a cat?

Baby Mouse

Are you suspecting mice presence around your home? (Photo Credits)

They may look cute in cartoons, but mice, mouse, rats, rodents, whatever people call them are just filthy and disgusting.

For a homeowner suspecting about mice infestation in his home, Batzner shared telltale signs of mice infestation.

“They might seem somewhat harmless or an issue that you can take care of yourself with traps or other products, however, a mice infestation is a dangerous problem and not to be taken lightly. Mice carry a wide variety of diseases and their continuous gnawing can cause damage to your electrical wiring, sparking a fire. Additionally, if mice are not effectively driven out of your home or business, they can multiply very quickly.”

Read the top ten signs here.

The website How to Get Rid of Mice shared ten best mouse baits for you to place next to your traps. San Diego

“Mice are crafty little creatures. They may try to sneak away with the bait before getting caught.”

Here are the top 10 baits.

Some rats though can resist rat poison, or avoid baits, as shared in the report of British website Independent. Poway California 

“An increasing number of huge rats immune to over-the-counter poisons are threatening to invade British homes this winter, the British Pest Control Association has warned. Experts say that unlike their normal-sized relatives, the mutant rodents are not only resistant to toxic pellets used by many home-owners, but are getting bigger and stronger.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Of course if a homeowners wants to totally eliminate any threat of infestation, the way to go is to call the professionals. Call for a competent and reliable pest control service.

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Quickest Way to Get Rid of Ants

Keep your home fee from ants


Get rid of ants quickly. (Photo Credits)

Ants may not be as germy as cockroaches or flies, but they can still be very annoying, especially if you find them in your home. Ace1Pest  

Tip Hero shared a great and quick way to totally eliminate ants in the home at fastest possible time.

“Every Spring the ants start to show up. I’ll first see a couple on my kitchen counter or on the floor below. I’ve searched and searched for a simple, all-natural solution, and I finally found it. The secret is Borax, a 100% natural product found in most ant-control products. You can find it in most supermarkets.”

Read more here.

Meta Spoon meantime shared yet another hack to keep your home free from ants during the summer months. Ace1Pest

“Summer is here! Well, it is for some of us on this planet. Regardless of what season it is for you right now, you don’t want to miss this. YouTuber Grant Thompson has some really cool tips and tricks to help make your day-to-day life that much easier. From eating hamburgers to getting rid of pesky ants, this video will make you smack your forehead wondering why you didn’t know these things before.”

Watch the video here.

Jumble Joy for its part shared its secret formula for quickly getting rid of ants.

Prepare some hot water, grab the honey and sugar, and get started! In a cup, pour in six teaspoons of your sugar and six teaspoons of Borax. Then, add the boiling water and mix it all together. Add honey once the sugar has dissolved — this will give ants all the reason to come have a little taste. Next, let your mixture cool and add it to a spray bottle.”

Read more here.

How do you get rid of ants in your home?

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How to get rid of fruit flies in your home

Natural ways to eradicate fruit flies in the home

Fruit Fly

Get rid of fruit flies in no time. (Photo Credits)

Fruit flies may not bite but is annoying and are just as dirty as it other germ-carrying insects.  When they are fully grown they can even be very gross, especially when they come in swarms.

Thankfully there is an easy, and all-natural solution to get rid of these pesky creatures. shared in a video clip that the main ingredient to the homemade fly bait is most likely in your pantry. San Diego, CA 

“You might have heard tips such as disposing of all your rotting fruits and vegetables, empty and clean trash and recycle bins frequently, replace old sponges and mops often, and fix slow drains and plumbing. Although those fixes may work temporarily, it does not get rid of the problem. If you have reached your limit with these nuisance pests, grab some apple cider vinegar, plastic wrap, a device to poke holes—a toothpick or comb—and a bowl or cup.”

Watch the video here.

The website All You offered an alternative solution for your fly bait in case you’ve ran out of cling wrap. Poway, CA     

“Don’t have plastic wrap on hand? You can also use cardstock to make a funnel, then attach it to the bottle with tape.”

Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

Mommypage for its part shared a different hack this time using fruits.

“If you have a problem with fruit flies, for example, then cut up some banana and mix it in with some leftover mango peels. Place this mix into a plastic container and cover it with cellophane. Poke a small hole in the cellophane that is big enough for the fruit flies. They will all get trapped inside and you can just toss the container away!”

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Did you ever have a fruit fly problem in your home?

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Trapping Cockroaches

Cockroach infestation and baiting


Trap them, bait them. (Photo Credits) 

 Roaches are the bane of existence of many homeowners hence pesticides, baits and traps are aplenty But not all of these work. Some may be able to get rid f roaches, but endanger the health of both humans and pets that live in the home.

While waiting for professional help, most homes try over the counter solutions to cockroach infestations in their home. Read More

Just like this Japanese roach bait that promises to get rid of cockroaches as shared by the website JPN Info.

“In the land of convenience, someone has already thought of a super effective problem. The ‘gokiburi hoi hoi’ houses will rescue you in your misery. It is the easiest and safest way to eliminate cockroaches without using chemicals. Sprays help temporally, but can not get them all. Cockroaches will hide in cracks in walls and wait for their opportunity to get back while you are away. So here come those insecticide-free houses, which will definitely help you out to remove most of so far gathered pest at home.”

Check out the gokiburi hoi hoi houses here.

Still in Japan, a man-sized roach trap had been part of an exhibit in a zoo as featured at the Wall Street Journal. Pest Control Poway 

The zoo had organized special exhibits of insects and reptiles for the past few years, which included snakes and centipedes. But due to the popularity of cockroaches, they said they decided to focus only on the insect this year.”

Read the rest of the article here.

British website Daily Mail meantime featured 100 million-year old cockroach trapped in amber.A terrifying new species of cockroach has been discovered preserved in 100 million-year-old amber. While it looks little like its modern relatives, researchers have discovered that the 1cm creature has a number of unique features that made it a ferocious hunter. Scientists say the ‘pursuit predator’, which lived alongside the dinosaurs, stalked its prey in the dead of night and would have been able to give larger creatures a nasty nip.”

Take a look at the cockroach here.

What was the biggest cockroach that you have seen?

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How to prevent roach infestation

What to do to avoid roaches

German Cockroach

Keep it clean, and keep them away. (Photo Credits)

Cockroaches are not just gross and dirty, they also endanger human health.

There are a lot of ways a homeowner can do to prevent cockroach infestation, but as the old adage says, prevention is better than cure.

So how can roach infestations be prevented?

Michigan State University’s Official website shared six tips to prevent cockroach infestation. Ace1 Website

“There are preventative measures that can be taken by the homeowner to protect their families and properties from the infestation of cockroaches. However, if your home is already infested and if left untreated, cockroaches can quickly establish themselves in high numbers and will spread to adjoining properties. They can potentially transmit disease and spread bacteria all over your home. Following these simple steps can minimize damage and eradicate infestation.”

Check out the preventive measures here.

Tidy up

Big Blue Bug also shared more than a dozen tips to prevent the creepy crawlers from entering the home.

“The diet of an American cockroach includes many things since they are scavengers, but they prefer decaying matter. They are attracted to sweet foods, but will also feed on starchy items such as the back of wallpaper or book bindings.”

Read the tips here.

Pest Kill for its part underscored the value of having a clean house in terms of preventing a roach infestation.

“The best way to prevent and get rid of roaches and water bugs is to clean up thoroughly. It doesn’t include too much. If there is nothing to eat in the house, cockroaches will have no reason to come to your property.”

Read the rest of the article here.

How do you prevent cockroach from being in your home?

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Amazing and Inexpensive DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

Pallet Furniture

Wooden pallets, usually used in shipping, can be turned into sleek designs for both for indoor and

outdoor furniture. Using basic woodworking skills and a few furniture ideas, wooden pallets can be turned into unique designs for coffee tables, sofas, beds, chairs, patio seating, shoe cabinets, bookcases, kitchen worktops and al

most any piece of furniture you desire. Wooden pallets are eco-friendly and can withstand heavy weights and rough handling. Pallets are at best inexpensive and usually free, they look great for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

One of the joys of using making furniture from pallets is that a rough, less than perfect build will only add to the rustic, shabby chic appearance which makes this style of furniture so appealing. By using rudimentary furniture-making skills wooden pallets can be re-modeled in to attractive and unique pieces of furniture for any part of your home including the lounge, bedroom, kitchen, garden, bathroom, patio and hallways. The best part of creating pallet furniture is that most of the designs are simple Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas that requires little effort a

nd basic tools. If you are considering using wooden pallets to make furniture here are some easy and inexpensive DIY pallet furniture ideas.

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